I did not care for the look of issues and felt a little anxious, though not basically frightened. I was acutely keyed up and extremely interested. I hardly ever feel frightened when a fight has started, even though often on other occasions.

I took terrific evasive action and also the Huns did lots of inaccurate shooting. The job was hectic, but, as the fight went on and on I became drastically encouraged by their failure, so far, to hit me.

Angry At Paucity Of Damage I fired a brief burst at half-deflection at a 109-E and knocked pieces from his radiator, releasing a stream of glycol. I swore heartily when I saw it was nothing greater than glycol and hoped the point would catch fire or explode. I was really angry; I'm always angry together with the Luftwaffe; and passionately wish its total extermination. Nevertheless, the 109 went spiraling down out of sight, nonetheless streaming glycol. I consider it was beneath handle and possibly it was effectively forced-landed.

I then tried to outclimb each of the 109's in to the sun as a way to start out attacking from out of it. I have many times noticed massive German formations routed by extremely handful of English machines, so it seemed worth attempting, and there could be one or two stooges who would give me a target.

It did not perform. Four 109's that had stayed above me all of the time saw what I was up to.

climbed in the same direction and remained above. There had been as well lots of of them!

As my gasoline was restricted and we have been nevertheless effectively inside France, I decided to focus on acquiring house intact and, with continuous and violent evasive action, I moved westward for the French coast, hoping to meet some friendly fighters, which I knew were somewhere in that path. I was beginning to tire slightly and was certainly getting fed up with this tom-foolery, which had now gone on for about twenty minutes, and I would greatly have welcomed some assistance or, at any rate, a couple of seconds' breathing space. I felt terribly lonely.

As we neared the coast just north of Hardelot the tactical disposition from the 109s, which not surprisingly was changing just about every second, suddenly took on a unsafe aspect and, in turning to fox an attack by two of them that were coming in from the port side, I gave a momentary opening for two far more to close in behind me. Ahead of I could rectify this a series of loud metallic bangs occurred and huge holes, replica panerai appearing first in the starboard wing tip, swept straight inboard for the fuselage. Though I could watch every hole appearing individually, it all happened within a split second. Then there was a deafening bang inside the cockpit and anything feeling like a steam hammer hit me around the back in the head and knocked me out.

by Pilot Officer Stanley Hope, R.A.F.

WE Had been on among the list of usual offensive sweepsĦħa daylight raid on some works close to Lille. For the duration of a widespread dogfight more than the target I chased a 109 down many thousand feet, but lost him inside a cloud. Pulling as much as regain my height, I found the sky absolutely empty.

I hung around to get a handful of minutes, feeling just like the only living point in space, then started dwelling alone at 18,000 feet, weaving hard and losing height steadily to maintain my speed up.

I had a clear run as far as St. Omer a lange sohne lange 1 , where two 109-F's passed 1 cheap replica panerai watches ,000 feet above me and slightly towards the left, going the opposite way. I was then at 13,000 feet.

I climbed in to the sun, intending to beat up these two as quickly as I might be really sure they were alone. Instantaneously the trap sprang; 109's came down on me from every corner on the sky and in no time I was the center of a big gaggle, consisting of nine or ten Messerschmitts and one particular SpitfireĦħmine!

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