"Dock pilings, ship bottoms, and other structures covered with fouling organisms would accumulate a considerably larger level of radioactivity," he added ominously.

Godwin declares such anlyses are unduly scary. They assume that collisions will always be direct hits on engine rooms, that every safety device will fail, and that in defiance of all of the laws of chemistry the metallic fuel elements will dissolve like a pill within a cup of water. Taking a look at all angles, he and his shielding specialists are even thinking about adding wood for the traditional shielding layers of lead, concrete, plastics, and steel. The wood would give a puncture-proof resilience in a collision.

Passengers, Godwin promises, are going to be as safe as when riding on traditional liners. "Because we never carry wonderful quantities of flammable fuel oil, on our ship there's less opportunity of an explosion," he points out. "Besides, if a passenger chose to sit for a year in the hottest a part of the ship open to him-in the hold directly in front in the reactor-he would get but one-tenth of a roentgen." (This can be roughly the level of radiation attributable to the luminous dial on a wrist watch.) The only ticklish time on the A-ship will probably be during refueling (which, for convenience, might take place annually, coinciding with the ship's routine maintenance). The spent fuel rods will possibly be pulled-by a crane up into a lead coffin, then dumped into a shore-based pool for two or 3 weeks until cool sufficient to become shipped off to a reprocessing plant.

Radioactive sludge that can accumulate in the reactor's plumbing will have to become removed meticulously from filter traps as soon as each and every trip. "It might be no more of an issue," Godwin figures, "than handling radioisotopes about a hospital. replica omega watches "

Godwin has an engineer's reluctance to predict how quickly the atom will commandeer the engine rooms from the U.S. merchant marine. But he includes a clear notion from the probable sequence of events.

"The biggest tankers are going to be 1st to find A-power eye-catching swiss omega replica watches , then the smaller oil carriers," he expects. "The ironic circumstance of oil getting moved by a competing fuel is easy prevalent sense."

Nuclear propulsion for the Navy, which desires speed and endurance at any price-yes. But nuclear propulsion for merchant ships? Bankruptcy!

What got this timid considering off the beach was President Eisenhower's "peace ship" proposal, initial broached in April, 1955.

Last year, Louis S. Rothschild, Under-Secretary of Commerce and former Maritime Administrator, proposed a laboratory ship - convertible, when scientists finished studying it, into industrial operations. . Last summer, the vessel acquired a budget of $42.5 million divided up as follows: $21 million for building and creating the reactor, boilers, turbines, and the major shielding; $18 million for the ship itself, shore facilities such as a fuel-changing dock, plus the coaching of atomic crews. The remaining $3.five million will invest in uranium from the AEC- but there are going to be a $2-million rebate when the old fuel core wants replacement. cheap omega copies

Last October 15, a White House announcement officially sent the project down the strategies.

One paramount difficulty, that of atomic safety, hovers over the A-ship planners. What a single oceangoing reactor could do at the bottom of a harbor is appalling. Not long ago Dr. Rover Revelle, the director of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, LaJolla, Calif., estimated that if a pretty significant reactor were rammed and sunk within a harbor eight miles lengthy, three miles wide, and 50 feet deep, it would subject a fisherman in a row-boat anyplace inside the harbor to nearly twice as substantially radiation inside a day as AEC workers are permitted in a week.

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